THERE ARE NO SAINTS: A Ruthless Hitman’s New Life is Threatened by His Violent Past in the New Thriller From the Writer of TAXI DRIVER

By: John M Jerva

Paramount Pictures and Saban Films has released a new trailer for the upcoming assassin thriller There Are No Saints. JOSÉ MARÍA YAZPIK stars as a former hitman who must dust off his lethal skills when his young son is kidnapped by a cartel boss played by Ron Pearlman.

Bullets and swagger fly in the trailer for the film that hits May 27th In Theatres, On Digital and On Demand!

Looking to start a new life, a former hitman nicknamed The Jesuit (Jose Maria Yazpik) is unable to escape the sins of his past. With enemies on both sides of the law, he has nowhere to turn when his only son is kidnapped by a ruthless cartel boss (Ron Perlman). He’ll stop at nothing to save his boy in this gritty action-thriller from the writer of TAXI DRIVER.

The complete cast is stacked in this bullet riddled thriller. Additional cast members include SHANNYN SOSSAMON, PAZ VEGA, NEAL McDONOUGH, KEIDRICH SELLATI, TOMMY FLANAGAN, and TIM ROTH.

Helmed by ALFONSO PINEDA ULLOA, the script was penned by PAUL SCHRADER who is best known for writing the classic thriller Taxi Driver starring Robert DeNiro.

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