WAR CUSTOMISED: Nicholas Tse Follows Up RAGING FIRE with the High-Octane Actioner from Director Herman Yau

By: John M Jerva

Above Image: Nicholas Tse opens fire in a scene from 2021’s Raging Fire

Everyone who has action cinema cred knows that the Donnie Yen led cop thriller Raging Fire was one of the best action films of 2021. A big part of the film’s success was co-star Nicholas Tse who more than crushed it as Yen’s one time protege turned antagonist. Tse stood toe to toe with Yen delivering a masterful performance and fought Yen in the climatic and epic fight sequence.

Now Tse is back, starring with Jacky Cheung in director Herman Yau’s high-octane action/thriller titled War Customised. Yau is no stranger to the action genre having worked on such high profile films as Ip Man 4: The Finale, and Shock Wave 1 & 2.

Jacky Cheung & Nicholas Tse on set of War Customised (Image copyright Emperor Motion Pictures)

Variety’s Patrick Frater brought the news on Thursday that the film is now in production via Emperor Motion Pictures. Erica Li (Shock Wave 2, Empty Hands) penned the script but initial plot details are being kept under lock and key for the time being.

Cheung and Tse lead an impressive ensemble cast that includes Karena Lam (Inner Senses, July Rhapsody) and Francis Ng (Infernal Affairs 2, Bullets over Summer). Other notable cast additions include Liu Yase (Limbo), Michelle Wai (Caught in Time, Triad), Angus Yeung (Raging Fire), Melvin Wong (Above the Law), Ben Yuen (Tracey, Anita), Amanda Strang (Final Romance).

Brahim Chab, who took on Scott Adkins in Boyka: Undisputed 4 and Abducted as well as Jackie Chan in Vanguard, is bringing his high flying martial arts skill set to the film as the villain.

Albert Yeung of Emperor Motion Pictures is serving as the producer. The production company is also responsible for international rights licensing of the movie.

It’s also important to note that Tse will be getting his feet wet as the film’s action and fight choreographer as well as playing the heroic lead. Tse is no stranger to onscreen fight action so he will definitely bring something new to the table here.

With filming well underway, expect more details to come down the wire in the future so keep it locked and loaded right here for more to come as we are your destination for everything action in 2022 and beyond!

Source: Variety

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