UNDERCOVER PUNCH & GUN: Philip Ng & Andy On Bring the Punishment as the High-Octane Asian Actioner Premieres Exclusively on HI-YAH! in May!

By: John M Jerva

Fans of Well Go USA’s HI-YAH! streaming service have probably partaken in the blistering action films which features Asian action whirlwind Philip Ng in the past and now Ng is bringing some full length hand to hand carnage once again as his newest action offering Undercover Punch & Gun debuts exclusively on the streaming service on May 7th as a HI-YAH! original.

To celebrate the premiere, a new trailer has surfaced which features Ng and co-star Andy On (Abduction and Black Mask 2) doing what they do best so by all means, watch the devastation ensue below!

The official synopsis reads:

While an elite cop is working undercover to infiltrate a notorious drug ring, his plan is compromised when a rival agency with a grudge attacks during a trade, killing the gang’s leader. Their cover blown, both teams are forced to unite and take to the high seas in an attempt to overthrow the ruthless smuggler behind it all.

Helmed by the team of Lui Koon Nam and Frankie Tam, the film also features Van Ness Wu (Dragon Blade, Ip Man 4: The Finale) who also gets to dish out some fists and feet of fury.

Undercover Punch & Gun will also make its home video premiere on Digital, Blu-Ray and DVD on June 8th that also features and English dub version about a month after the streaming premiere and there’s new key art to feast your eyes on below!

Ng and On have appeared together before in the 2014 fisticuffs fueled outing Once Upon A Time In Shanghai so they know each other quite well. This new promo spot definitely delivers on two of my favorite “F” words which are fisticuffs and firepower so get ready for more bone crunching entertainment courtesy of Well Go USA and HI-YAH! Aside from starring in the film, Ng also served as the action and fight choreographer to boot.

In the meantime, check out some images from the flick in the gallery below and if you’re not a member of the streaming service yet, by all means check it out and indulge in all that it has to offer before this title hits!

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