Marvel Head Kevin Feige Confirms DEADPOOL 3 is an MCU Film and will be Rated R!

By: John M Jerva

A third Deadpool film has been a hot topic ever since Disney acquired 20th Century Fox, which is now known as 20th Century Films. Many fans have been wondering whether the film will happen at all and if it did, would it be watered down to fit the more family friendly MCU if the Merc with a Mouth indeed joined the group.

Well, Marvel head Kevin Feige has made everyone’s day in a new interview with Collider where he confirms that not only will Deadpool 3 be an MCU movie but it will stick to its adults only oriented roots and be rated R. Star Ryan Reynolds is also returning to play the role he was born to play and really he’s the only one that could.

“It will be rated R and we are working on a script right now, and Ryan’s overseeing a script right now… It will not be [filming] this year. Ryan is a very busy, very successful actor. We’ve got a number of things we’ve already announced that we now have to make, but it’s exciting for it to have begun. Again, a very different type of character in the MCU, and Ryan is a force of nature, which is just awesome to see him bring that character to life.”

So good news is it’s happening but the bad news is that fans will have to wait to see Wade Wilson interact with other members of the MCU family. Feige and crew have their hands full as Thor: Love and War is currently filming as is Spider-Man 3. The sequels to Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel and Black Panther will also go in front of the cameras this year do it looks like Mr. Deadpool will have to wait until next year so the movie probably won’t see the light of day until 2023 at the earliest.

Now, of course, that doesn’t mean that Wade can’t make a cameo or cameos on other films leading up to that and if Feige was smart, he would certainly get fans excited by doing just that. The character is famous for breaking the fourth wall narrative in his movies so the sky is the limit to how they can introduce him. Only time will tell.

At least we know that it’s coming snd when it does, Wilson will be allowed to flourish in all his R rated glory. Keep it locked and loaded right here for more to come on this glorious announcement!

In the meantime, check out Reynolds in action as the iconic comic book anti-hero in a rousing and hilarious clip from the second movie!

Source: Collider-

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