FIGHT MULAN! China Answers Hollywood’s Version of the Iconic Warrior with Their Own Hitting Theaters in 2021!

By: John M Jerva

Disney’s MULAN is currently tearing up the Disney+ streaming service since it premiered a few months back and now more fans are getting the opportunity to see it as it is now free for all who subscribe to the service.

Audiences will get another shot of the iconic warrior as China is releasing their own version of the story in a new film titled Fight MULAN which will hit theaters next year some time.

A new poster is currently making the rounds which shows off lead actrees Ning Yang who is looking battle ready on the new key art as she will be playing the famous role. Take a look at it below courtesy of our friends over at Asian Film Fans!

I’m expecting some truly epic battle sequences from our friends in China so hopefully it will deliver the goods upon its arrival. Well have to wait and see. I’m sure comparisons will be drawn up between the two film versions once this one hits.

Unfortunately, besides Yang being introduced as the star, nothing else is really known at this time but you can bet that when there is you’ll see it here as we are your destination for everything action!

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