By: The Arty Dans

Pressed for time! Check out our Rapid Fire Review for the new action pic Vanguard starring Jackie Chan! It’s everything you need to know about the movie in less time!

So what’s it about?

In a nut shell, Vanguard, a team of elite private security operatives, goes on a rescue mission to recover one of their operatives and the daughter of a client.

When the client decides to surrender himself as hostage, Vanguard follows them to Dubai where they must put a stop to the evil gang’s plan to get revenge on the US Navy.

Make sense?

Is it worth watching?

Are you expecting 80s or 90s Jackie Chan? Well don’t, because you’re setting yourself up for a massive disappointment.

What you will get with this movie is a lot of elements from a movie making era of the past.

Stereotypical bad Arab enemies, lots of nationalistic propaganda, over the top action sequences with very little substance, ridiculously poor CGI, an out-of-place shoehorned-in car chase scene, terrible dialogue including really cheesy gang names, and probably the worst thing of all, is that half of the movie is in English? Why? The bad guys are Arabic! 

But there is some fun to be had here. There is some of the trademark Jackie Chan cheekiness in some of his action scenes that will bring a smile to your face, and there are enough explosions and other periphery action scenes to keep your interest for the whole running time.

My recommendation is: Your Choice


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