FOOT FIST FRIDAYS: JCVD & Bolo Yeung Center the Ring in the Classic Finale from BLOODSPORT!

By: Robb Antequera

Hey guys, how’s everyone doing? I hope everyone is doing well in these troubling times. Unfortunately, I have some sad news (if anybody actually cares). This is going to be my last FOOT FIST FRIDAY for the time being. Yeah. My podcast The Action Drunkies is taking up the majority of my time, and it’s getting really hard to concentrate on this column when it comes to be my turn.

This is a difficult one for me, as this is my baby, my pride and joy. I wanted to start a column that celebrated the beauty of fight scenes, and I think we’ve accomplished that over here on Action-Flix. I just wish there was more time in the day so I can do everything, but alas, there’s never enough time. But, for my last hurrah, I wanna go out with a bang. I want to go back to where it all started for me. My love of fight scenes and all things action. All the way back to Bloodsport.

The first action movie I ever saw was Bloodsport. The movie that made action movie icon Jean-Claude Van Damme a star, and my hero. I, like many kids back in the day, including future action star Scott Adkins, completely idolized Van Damme. I watched all his movies, read any magazine with him in it, had pics of him on the wall, practiced his moves, etc… I wanted to be just like Van Damme.

And that idolization came from Bloodsport. My dad took me to see this in its initial release. I was 3 going on 4 at the time. I know you must be thinking “Do you even remember the screening?” And the answer is… Yeah, I kinda do. Not the whole thing, but specific parts of it. The theme song, the Dim Mak, “Ok, USA!”. But most importantly, I remember the final fight.

That’s right, Frank Dux vs Chong Li. Van Damme vs Bolo. One of the most epic showdowns in all of Action Cinema. Throughout the entire film, we’ve been waiting for this confrontation, and when we finally get it… it’s everything we could ever hope for. Just pure martial arts bliss.

This was, is, and always will be the definitive version of Van Dammage onscreen. While not my personal favorite of his (that would be 1989’s Kickboxer) , whenever people think of Van Damme, they think of this movie, and when you ask them what the best fight in it, they’ll all say this one. How could they not? You got the russian badass from No Retreat, No Surrender vs the buff bodyguard from Enter the Dragon in a battle for total supremacy. And this scene own from now until the end of the time.

But that’s enough out of me, let’s sit back and take in Van Damme vs Bolo Yeung in

And that’ll do it for me. Its been so great churning these bad boys out for you all. To see something I created come to fruition like this. It has truly been so beautiful and rewarding. An absolute honor. So with that being said, take care, and if you guys need me, I’ll be over at The Action Drunkies. In the mean time, do me a favor, and just… be kind to each other. If nothing else… be kind. Catch ya later!

Robb Antequera, aka The Cinema Drunkie, is a simple man from Brooklyn, New York who was raised on Jean-Claude Van Damme movies, Comic Books, and Saturday morning cartoons. He’s the host of the podcast The Action Drunkies, and a permanent panel member on the Horror podcast The House that Screams, as well as a writing contributor to Ultimate Action Movie Club, Film Combat Syndicate, Behind the Screams, and his own personal blog The Cinema Drunkie.

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