FOOT FIST FRIDAYS: Jackie Chan Shows One Last Glimpse of Greatness in THE ACCIDENTAL SPY!

By: Robb Antequera

Welcome to FOOT FIST FRIDAYS! A weekly dose of fight action where the experts share their thoughts on some of the greatest scenes of fisticuffs in action cinema history!

Jackie Chan is a god amongst action fans. No one in the action genre has done more, or has gone to farther lengths to achieve what he has during the course of his run in action cinema. Quite simply, the man has risked life and limb for your entertainment.

And after achieving breakthrough success in America with Rumble in the Bronx, Jackie was introduced to a new generation of fans that would discover all of his past works and recognize him for the legend that he is.

But, as he became further ingrained into American movies, his work saw a drop in quality when compared to his early films. Good, but not as good. However, you still had moments here and there where we caught glimpses of the great Chan of old. One film that is a perfect example of that is 2001’s The Accidental Spy.

Recently, my good friend Michael Scott started a podcast called Adkins Undisputed, where he discusses the filmography of the great Scott Adkins with guests. The most recent episode, he discussed one of Scott’s earliest appearances, the aforementioned Accidental Spy with yours truly.

In the episode, we not only talked about Scott, but also Jackie in great length. We both agreed that while the film was fine, it is highly inferior to his earlier stuff. But we did note that there is a gem of a fight here. The diamond in the rough. And that sequence is… the street market fight.

For context, Jackie plays Buck Yuen, an exercise equipment salesman who, after foiling a bank robbery, inadvertently gets mixed up in international espionage. While following a trail that leads him overseas to a bathhouse in Turkey, he gets attacked and must flee… with only a towel to cover him. After a death-defying jump off a roof to the street below (a very Jackie escape), he runs into a street market where he is cornered by the bad guys, and must fight back.

This fight sequence is pure, unadulterated Jackie. From the choreography to the comedic bits, Jackie returns to top form to deliver one of the last great fight sequences of his career. Of course, we would get some more great scenes from him later on, but this was like a last hurrah of greatness from him.

The way he tries to keep himself covered with any and everything he can find as he fights off the goons shows that there was still a little bit left in the old action god tank, and although he may not be the Chan of old, he’s still Chan the man.

So, without further ado, here is the street market fight from The Accidental Spy, and also, the discussion about the film that I did with Michael Scott for Adkins Undisputed. Click the link below to listen, as well as follow him on Twitter at @AdkinsPodcast as well as Instagram as @adkinsundisputed. Enjoy!

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Robb Antequera, aka The Cinema Drunkie, is a simple man from Brooklyn, New York who was raised on Jean-Claude Van Damme movies, Comic Books, and Saturday morning cartoons. He’s the host of the podcast The Action Drunkies, and a permanent panel member on the Horror podcast The House that Screams, as well as a writing contributor to Ultimate Action Movie Club, Film Combat Syndicate, Behind the Screams, and his own personal blog The Cinema Drunkie.

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