THE DEBT COLLECTOR 2 Drops On Netflix Starting Today!

By: John M Jerva

In need of some adrenalized and hard hitting action ASAP? Well you cane to the right place as Director Jesse V Johnson’s rousing sequel The Debt Collector 2 (AKA Debt Collectors) officially hits the Netflix streaming service starting today. If you haven’t seen the film or its predecessor yet, then by all means, hit up the streaming giant and get your fill today with some Scott Adkins and Louis Mandylor excitement!

To celebrate, we also have some new character posters for the event which you can see in all below!

Debt Collectors French and Sue get to work doing what they do best – cracking skulls and breaking bones – as they chase down the various lowlifes who owe money to their boss, Tommy. They’re summoned to Las Vegas to collect from a dirty casino owner, who happens to be a vicious ex-lover of Sue’s. Meanwhile, a notorious drug kingpin is on the warpath to kill French and Sue to avenge his brother’s death. Facing danger from all angles, the pair will have no other choice but to fight their way out of an explosively dangerous situation.

Adkins and Mandylor star along with Vladimir Kulich, who returns from the original as well as new additions Mayling Ng, Louie Ski Carr, Charity Collins and Marina Sirtis.

The boys are back and in fine form as Adkins belts out his trademark moves and Mandylor simply pummels his opponents into submission. The action is fantastic and it surely out does the original in scope. This comes at a great time as I need my Adkins and Mandylor fix pronto.

Watch The Debt Collector 2 now on all your devices courtesy of Netflix! You’re welcome!

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