CAO Top Sequels Tencent 2022
CAO Top Sequels Tencent 2022

THE 2ND: Ryan Phillippe Unleashes His Particular Set of Skills in the Official Trailer for the Upcoming Action Pic!

By: John M Jerva

Well we might not have any big budget action films at the moment but there sure is a steady wave of direct to video flicks to satisfy us action junkies in the meantime. Netflix and independent films have really been stepping up over the last months and now we have another high-octane thriller starring Ryan Phillippe for you to check out.

The film is called The 2nd and Phillippe is about to brandish his lethal skills that he picked up starring on the TV series Shooter as he plays a secret service agent who must unleash the beast when he stumbles on a terrorist operation. Take your first look below!

Secret-service agent Vic Davis (Phillippe) is on his way to pick up his estranged son, Shawn (Jack Griffo), from his college campus when he finds himself in the middle of a high-stakes terrorist operation.

The daughter of a Supreme Court Justice (Lexi Simonsen) is the target and this armed faction will stop at nothing to kidnap her Vic quickly realizes that there’s no one coming to rescue them and must now use his entire set of skills to save her and his son from an incredibly dangerous and lethal situation.

The film also stars genre veteran Casper Van Dien who is on full tilt bad guy duties here with Brian Skiba helming from a script penned by Eric Bromberg and Paul Taegel.

The film will hit Digital and VOD on September 1st so partake in the new teaser below which is loaded with fierce firepower and explosive fisticuffs and Phillippe looking rather bad ass.

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