ENGLISH DOGS IN BANGKOK: It’s Time to Pay Your Dues with the Official Trailer for the New Down and Dirty Crime Thriller!

By: John M Jerva

Happy Father’s Day to all you awesome dads out there and we have a treat for you as the official trailer for the gritty and brutal British action-thriller English Dogs has debuted online with all the bone crunching action that you can ask for! Byron Gibson and Ron Smoorenburg star as two men looking to become the biggest supplier of steroids in Asia. Of course, they have a lot of people after them and expect mass altercations along the way so check out the goods below!

n the streets of Thailand, a trail of destruction and mayhem ensues when a notorious soldier (Byron Gibson) and criminal kickboxer (Ron Smoorenburg) join forces to become the biggest illegal steroid supplier in Asia.

Also starring in the film are Mark Stas, David Blazejko, Dean Alexandrou, Eoin O’Brien, Damian Mavis, and David Gadsby.

English Dogs is set to hit the U.S. in August and given the UK’s track record with action pics as of late expect plenty of bone crunching, brutal and stripped down action and it’s refreshing to see that the main characters are less than honorable when it comes to dealing with those who choose to stand in their way.

Don’t delay and watch the new trailer in the player below! Follow the film as well on the official Facebook page for all the updates! Let the bodies hit the floor!

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