IRON MONKEY: KING OF THE STREETS’ Yue Song Goes All MAD MAX in the New Trailer for the Post-Apocalyptic Action Film!

By: John M Jerva

In the realm of Asian martial arts cinema, Yue Song certainly has delivered some bone crunching action films like King of the Streets and the insane Iron Protector where he literally took on a horde of opponents at the same time and when I say horde, I mean a crazy number of people. The martial arts star and filmmaker is back with a bloody vengeance.

This time, Song is going full on Mad Max in his newest post-apocalyptic action film Iron Monkey which has no connection to any of the other films with the same name. Per City On Fire, the film will star Song as a lone warrior who takes on a ruthless criminal organization in a world that has ceased to exist.

A new trailer has surfaced per Asian Film Strike and if it is any indication from the footage, this is gonna be another insane, balls out action film with extreme fight sequences and action set pieces that feature lethal looking motorcycles and cars straight out of Mad Max. Sign me up!

The cast includes Wrath of Vajra’s Jiang Baocheng with Song handling the directing duties as he has on his other two films.

There is no official North American release info yet but the film will hits Chinese cinemas on June 18th which is next week. Check out the high-octane trailer below!

Source: COF-

Asian Film Strike-

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