New Podcast! The Action-Flix Action Fix! Episode 1 Now Live!

By: John M Jerva

Happy Sunday Everyone! Hope you all are safe and sound and I just wanted to inform the masses that I’ve created a new Podcast for the website called the Action-Flix Action Fix!

The podcast is gonna feature all kinds of good stuff including news, interviews and more and I couldn’t be any more excited to start this next phase of Action-Flix! The first episode just introduces me and I talk about how I got started and how I fell in love with the great action genre.

Each episode will have something cool for all of you and I will talk about all the current news as well as have special guests on to talk all things action. I will also post exclusive interviews on it as well and give the fans a chance to hear me talk to some really great people.

The first episode is now live on Anchor so give it a listen and get to know me! Onward and upward!!

We are your source for everything action!!!

The Action Fix Review: Netflix’s THE MAN FROM TOMORROW Starring Woody Harrelson & Kevin Hart THE ACTION FIX PODCAST

Once meant for Jason Statham, Woody Harrelson has since stepped in as a deadly assassin who gets more than he bargained for when he runs into an inept sales consultant played by Kevin Hart. The punchlines fly as fast as the bullets in this new buddy action/comedy courtesy of Netflix. Does it live up to past films like this or does it fall to the sidelines? Check out our review now to find out! — Support this podcast:
  1. The Action Fix Review: Netflix’s THE MAN FROM TOMORROW Starring Woody Harrelson & Kevin Hart
  2. Exclusive: Authentic Warrior- A Conversation with Tino Struckman of IRON CROSS THE ROAD TO NORMANDY!
  3. Action Rewind: 1986’s LET’S GET HARRY is an Old School, Kick Ass Action Movie of Suspended Disbelief
  4. Review: Dominic Sherwood Delivers a Surprising Next Level DTV Action Flick in ERASER REBORN!
  5. The Exclusive Interview with WWII Action-Thriller WOLF HOUND Director Michael B. Chait

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