FOOT FIST FRIDAYS: “You’re Not that Big. Think About It” Jeff Speakman Unleashes the Full Force of Kenpo in STREET KNIGHT!

By: John M Jerva

Welcome to FOOT FIST FRIDAYS! A weekly dose of fight action where the experts share their thoughts on some of the greatest scenes of fisticuffs in action cinema history!

This week, I’m back again everybody with another classic clip from Kenpo maestro Jeff Speakman from his second feature Street Knight where he unloads on a rather large opponent and shows the unfortunate foe played by Tom Magee what the power of true Kenpo is all about. Plus he uses wrenches like Escrima Sticks so what’s not to love! Enjoy!

With his first film, The Perfect Weapon, Kenpo master Jeff Speakman exploded onto the 90’s action cinema stage as he wowed audiences with his awesome and deadly skills in the art of true Ed Parker Kenpo. It was the first feature film to demonstrate this incredible, beautiful and lethal art.

Speakman would follow up that effort with the 1993 action/drama Street Knight where he plays an ex-cop who gets tangled up with street gangs and a deadly group of mercenaries who start a gang war to cover up a big heist. They didn’t count on Mr. Speakman getting in on the action of course.

The film didn’t feature as much martial arts mayhem as his first film but Speakman still dazzled us with a few scenes of Kenpo mastery with his altercation with one of the Mercs in their lair being the highlight of the film. At least for me.

The scene featured incredible fight choreography by Rick Avery who was also proficient in Kenpo and was ample opportunity for Speakman to show off his skills and unleash the true power of Kenpo. By the time this film was released, I was already well into training in the art and it was cool as hell to recognize the techniques that he was using. Speakman again demonstrates to the masses his lightning hand technique that is unrivaled on screen. He’s just crazy fast.

The scene also contained one of the best action lines ever as Speakman sizes up his dominant opponent and utters the now classic line, “you’re not that big, think about it.” It’s one of my favorite lines ever from an action flick and it really cemented Jeff as an action hero as every hero needs some really cool shit to say.

The fight was only a couple minutes in length but it was raw and brutal with the finale being the best where Speakman grabs a pair of wrenches and pummels his adversary by using them like Escrima Sticks. The sound effects are awesome and it really heightens the impact as he goes to town. We even get slo-mo for a more desired effect and it adds to the glorious violence displayed. A true effective and classic fisticuffs fueled brawl which demonstrated the fierce 90’s action mold. Speakman was and is the man.

Now in the immortal words of Arnold Schwarzenegger in Conan The Destroyer, “Enough talk!” It’s time to watch Jeff Speakman do what he does best in this epic clip from Street Knight! The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

One thought on “FOOT FIST FRIDAYS: “You’re Not that Big. Think About It” Jeff Speakman Unleashes the Full Force of Kenpo in STREET KNIGHT!

  1. Yes!bi found this site by searching “you’re not that big, think about it” on google. Exactly what I was looking for.

    This movie was a goddamn classic. I remember watching this as a kid and loving the wrench scene.


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