EXTRACTION: Chris Hemsworth Shares the 411 on His Biggest Action Film to Date!

By: John M Jerva

Just in case you thought that the new Netflix thriller Extraction starring Chris Hemsworth wouldn’t deliver the high-octane goods, the actor has personally put his stamp of approval on the flick stating that this is next level action and definitely the biggest one he has ever been involved in and he’s done some pretty big stuff.

Director Sam Hargrave and Hemsworth on set.

In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, the star talked about director Sam Hargrave and the different take on the action scenes that he had.

“That was a big reason for doing the film. The way Sam wanted to shoot, with a lot of continuous takes and minimal editing, meant there weren’t moments where a stunt guy could jump in, so it was nice to step up to that challenge. I’d never experienced this amount of action before. It was exhausting, but one of the most rewarding things I’ve been a part of, because at the end of it I felt like we’d run a marathon.” Hargrave added, “In my opinion, Chris has never been pushed. He has a lot of physical ability, and I’ve seen flashes of brilliance in the Thor movies, so I wanted to test him. I still don’t think we got to his full potential, but we pushed him further than he’s ever been — and it really shows on screen.”

I’m really excited for Extraction as the film contains my favorite type of action sequence which is the one shot continuous take or oner as it is affectionately called. It’s one of the hardest ones to do and leaves basically no room for error.

Hemsworth also chatted about his character of black market mercenary Tyler Rake and mentioned it was his complex nature that drew him in.

There was a relatable, authentic character that I hadn’t embarked on before. It was a tortured soul, with this lack of courage to face his previous experiences, and yet as far as his job went, there was a kamikaze approach; he did not care for his own safety, and that makes for a dangerous individual. A lot of my films have largely been fantasy- or special-effects-based, so it was nice to have a grounded story, but there was a physicality to it that was equally as impressive as [my] superheroes.

Hargrave is helming for the first time but has cut his teeth in the stunt industry as a stunt professional and coordinator with films like Atomic Blonde and has also worked in the MCU as well even doubling for Chris Evans. Hargrave is just one of several stunt pros transitioning into directing and that’s a good thing as they know how to shoot action.

This Friday, April 24th is the date to mark on you calendar as Extraction hits Netflix for all to see. Check out the trailer below if you haven’t yet!

Source: EW- https://ew.com/movies/extraction-chris-hemsworth-sam-hargrave-interview/

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