INTERFACE: Director Ben Ramsey’s Mind Blowing and Epic Sci-Fi Action Short is Now Available Online for FREE!

By: John M Jerva

To action fans around the world, filmmaker Ben Ramsey is a household name given the fact that he has directed one of the best underground tournament fight films in Blood And Bone starring the legendary, and I do mean legendary, Michael Jai White. That film features some of White’s most bad ass fight sequences and it is loaded throughout its entire running time with bone jarring action that will satisfy action buffs again and again.

Now Ramsey is back and this time he’s taking on the sci-fi realm with his newest short film titled Interface. The film which Action-Flix did an early review of it last year by Danny Templegod gave the short a rousing 9 outof 10. This isn’t Ramsey’s first foray into short film making as he has also delivered the action packed Black Salt which featured Kinyumba Mutakabbir who also starred in Covert Operations. Although short in length, that film also featured rapid fire action segments. Mutakabbir is featured here as well in a key role to the story. Interface promises to include the same breakneck action and drama that is expeted from any of Ramsey’s projects so you should defnitely check this one out.

In Interface, a cop who must infiltrate the virtual world of gaming when the games run amok killing the players in real life. The film is now available for your viewing pleasure and better yet, you can watch it for free on Vimeo right now to help entertain you during these days of quarantine! Check it out below and see for yourself!

OFFICIAL SYNOPSIS: Interface is a science fiction action thriller in the vein of movies like “The Matrix,” “Inception,” “The Hunger Games,” “Blade Runner” and the upcoming “Ready Player One.” It is an epic story set in a future world run by artificial intelligence. A world where personal freedom and personal expression is suppressed. The masses live tedious lives of drudgery working menial jobs in an Orwellian nightmare. All humans are controlled by implanted microchips that monitor their every doing. Man’s only release is a massive virtual world known as “The Interface.” The Interface is an alternate reality that plugs right into the player’s brain. It is a computer generated dream world where humans can “jack in” and live as lavish and perfect a life as they can afford as long as it is within the rigid moral code of the state. The Interface is man’s greatest addiction and greatest distraction.

The cast includes Chris Jai Alex who plays Lazarus, a central character as well as Kinyumba Mutakabbir who plays Andre Bakari.  He also starred in Black Salt, the amazing short film that was released in 2015. Michelle C. Lee plays Brix. Michelle most recently was in Venom and she also did some kick ass action in Captain Marvel! Some cool additions include Pamelyn Chee as Operator 749, and Sophie Norman.

Another cool aspect is that the trailer to promote the release today served up a quote from Mr. Templegod and gave a rather awesome shout out to the site so thanks a bunch. Check out the name drop in the trailer below!

Check out the Dan’s Movie Report review of the film here and make sure to check out the short film now and see why Danny calls it “a spectacular example of what can be accomplished in independent cinema.”

Click this link and follow the instructions to watch Interface now!

Go to smash the RENT button then enter the promo code (jackintotheinterface).
Thank you all and stay safe from all of us at Team iNTERFACE!


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