TAKE BACK: Michael Jai White Teams with Gillian White for the True Life Action-Thriller!

By: John M Jerva

So Action Star Michael Jai White is a busy man these days with the martial arts wizard has the sequel to Sudden Death waiting in the wings as well as his directorial effort The Outlaw Johnny Black which saw a successful crowd funding campaign last year.

Now more word out of he EFM last month has White teaming up with his real life wife Gillian for the action-thriller Take Back which is inspired by true events. The site MovieHole.com brought the word and Vigilante Diaries Helmer Christian Sesma is directing the film from a script penned by Zachary Zerries.

The movie boasts a stellar supporting cast which includes Mickey Rourke and James Russo. Take a look at the film’s teaser poster below featuring the cast!

Per the site, the film centers on “Sara (Gillian White) and Brian (Michael Jai White) who are living a seemingly perfect life when a mysterious man (Rourke) from Sara’s past kidnaps their teenage daughter. With the help of a small-town sheriff (Russo), the couple races to save their daughter before she’s sold and vanishes into the sex trade.

Takedown is scheduled to go in front of the cameras next month and Gillian spoke about the heavy elements of the film, “The film will shed some light on human trafficking–a cause Michael and I are both passionate about fighting,”

Sesma also spoke about the great cast. “We’re incredibly stoked to have this cast—Mickey and Michael are legends, and this promises to establish Gillian White as the next African- American martial arts heroine.”

Gillian also stars with her husband in Welcome To Sudden Death which sees Michael stepping into the heroic lead where Van Damme was in the original.

The film was being shopped at last month’s EFM and with the level of talent involved, I have no doubt we will see this film in the future. It’ll also be cool to see Mr. and Mrs. White kicking some old school kick ass together on screen.

Keep it locked and loaded right here for more to come!

Source: MovieHole.com- https://moviehole.net/rourke-white-join-take-down/

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