Deadpool Gameplay Walkthrough Part 3
Deadpool Gameplay Walkthrough Part 3

Ryan Reynolds Confirms that DEADPOOL 3 is a Go at Marvel Studios!

By: John M Jerva

Hope everyone is having a great holiday season this year and I have some awesome news to share with you as Ryan Reynolds recently appeared on the December 24th Christmas Eve edition of Live! With Kelly and Ryan where he delivered some fantastic news for comic book fans everywhere.

During Reynolds interview on the show, which he was on to promote Netflix’s 6 Underground, he dropped the bomb that Deadpool 3 is officially a go and that it will be brought over to Marvel Studios! Merry Christmas and God Bless Us Everyone!

On the show, Reynolds stated: “Yeah we’re working on it right now with the whole team.We’re over at Marvel Studios now, which is like the big leagues all of a sudden. It’s kinda crazy. So yeah, we’re working on it.”

There was a little bit of dread ever since the House Of Mouse brought 20th Century Fox but this confirms that Deadpool will indeed be bringing hos fourth wall shenanigans to the MCU. Now I know that people out there are saying that Marvel which is part of Disney will censor the Merc with a Mouth but I feel that with the success of the first two films and this year’s Joker, they will do mright by the character. plus Disney CEO Bob Iger has stated in the past that Rrated comic book flicks were definitely a possibility.

Marvel and Disney know that fans out there arehungry for more so this certainly bodes well for Deadpool fans across the world. Along with this news, Reynolds also confirmed that he’s working on a project with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson which should be pretty friggin’ awesome. Reynolds did cameo in Hobbs And Shaw this year and he was great as always.

Keep it locked and loaded for more to come and in the meantime, check out the video with Reynolds where he delivers the good news below! He spills the beans at roughly 9:25 into the video! Bring on the Chimichangas! 

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