Just last month, I brought the word that a new GI JOE film which would focus on fan favorite Snake Eyes would possibly be shooting soon and now we hace word from The Hollywood Reporter that Paramount Pictures is set to develop a new ensemble JOE film and that they have tapped two Mission: Impossible writers to help pen the script for the second Real American Hero project.

According to THR: Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec, who scripted Mission: Impossible- Ghost Protocol as well as the most recent Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been called upon to write the film which is being described as an ensemble picture unlike the standalone Snake Eyes film also in the works. I don’t know how true this next part is but the article states that one of the characters from the comic book and cartoon version of GI JOE code named “Chuckles” will be one of the ones involved although he won’t be the main characterof the film.


Chuckles first appeared in 1987 in the comic books put out by Marvel and he was also one of the action figures that was released that year as well. I know this because I, of course, had him as part of my extensive JOE toy collection. Chucles was an expert in “undercover and infiltration work.”

The article at THR also states that this project is in deep development so that could change in the future. Paramount has released two prior films based on GI JOE and since have kept the Hasbo property on the shelf. It is the third biggest movie franchise based on a toy line after TRANSFORMERS and THE LEGO MOVIE franchise.

The Snake Eyes spin-off is said to be eyeing a Fall production start and already has a release date of October 16, 2020. All this info is very early in its stages so I expect a lot to change as well as a lot to be added in the future but it is great to hear that Paramount and Hasbro are starting to get the ball rolling on more GI JOE films and I can’t wait for the Snake-Eyes film as he was always my favorite. Keep it locked and loaded right here JOEfans for more details to drop!

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