Director David Ayer Set to Return to the WWII Genre with EL-ALAMEIN

Suicide Squad helmer David Ayer is ready to return to the WWII subgenre with a new tank thriller titled El-Alamein Ayer, who also directed the hard hitting war epic Fury which starred Brad Pitt and Jon Bernthal will be directing the new film for Lionsgate Films per Deadline.

Penning the script from an original one by David Self, is James Coyne. Self had written an earlier version of the film with Coyne handling the newest version. Lorenzo di Bonaventura will be producing via his Di Bonaventura production banner along with Mark Vahradian.

Here’s the official story of the WWII thriller courtesy of Deadline. “After British forces defeated Italian forces in North Africa, Germany tapped Gen. Rommel to drive eastward along the North African coast to seize the Suez Canal. British forces were routed, and it came down to a stand at El-Alamein. There, British forces kept the Germans bottled up and unable to overrun Egypt. After several long, bloody battles, and with assistance from Australian and New Zealand forces, the Allies won the day. Rommel signaled Hitler that the cause was lost. He was not granted permission to retreat but began withdrawing troops, leaving the Italians alone to be trounced by allied forces.”

Beside Fury and Suicide Squad, Ayer is also known for the Netflix fantasy action film Bright starring Will Smith and most recently finished The Tax Collector which is being described as a “gritty urban street crime drama.”

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