Actress Milla Jovovich may have said goodbye to the Resident Evil franchise but that doesn’t mean that she is saying goodbye to the action genre as she is starring in her first Hong Kong action-thriller The Rookies which comes to us from director Alan Yuen who is best known for helming the Andy Lau 2013 action flick Firestorm. The film is finally getting a July release in its native China and now we have a new poster and trailer to share with you so by all means, scroll down below!

Although Jovovich’s role may be one of a cameo, which she hinted to in an Instagram post, the marketing is still putting her front and center as she plays Bruce. The film centers on the character of Zhou Feng who is an extreme sports junkie and unfortunately, he gets stuck in the middle of an international illegal trade incident that sets the course for the action of the movie.

Official Synopsis: An extreme sport enthusiast, a bumbling cop and her best friend are somehow dragged into the world of international espionage by chance. Their mission: To steal a priceless treasure and use it to complete an exchange with a mysterious businessman. When the exchange finally happens, a terrorist mastermind disrupts everything and escapes with raw materials for a weapon of mass destruction. Now, it’s up to the rookie spies to save the world!

The film also stars Xiao Zhan, Sandrine Pinna, Darren Wang, Lu Meitong and Timmy Xu.

The Rookies is set for a July 12th release date in China but expect more distribution news to come down the wire oin the future. While we wait, check out the new trailer below!

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