(Original Publication Date: December 3rd, 2016) By: John M Jerva

Who’s In It: Paul Logan, Costas Mandylor

What’s It About: John Crenshaw ( Paul Logan) is an ex-Navy SEAL now living a quiet life with his girlfriend Selina (Tiffany Brouwer) who is a high school teacher. Selina is taking some of her students on a nature photography weekend expedition and John tags along to be close to his girl. What was suppose to be a fun, educational weekend turns into a horror show as John, Selina and the kids cross paths with Cylus Atkinson (Costas Mandylor) and his army of crazed mutant cannibals. Cylus and his men kidnap Selina and the kids and proceed to torture them. Now their only hope is Crenshaw and this SEAL is going to make them pay with their lives.

Watch It, Own It or Forget It: I found out about this film when I was browsing Youtube and found the trailer. I immediately wanted to watch it because it looked bad ass from start to finish and I’m happy to say I was right. The Horde is a near perfect combination of horror and action rolled into one awesome movie. The first half of the film plays out like your standard Friday the 13th film as the group is besieged by cannibals with a thirst for blood. I’m not going to lie, if you don’t have a strong stomach, the middle of the film is hard to watch as some of the characters or tortured in gruesome ways. But if you make it through that, the payoff is off the charts as Crenshaw unleashes his brand of vengeance going through the army using his deadly skills.


The cast is led by Paul Logan, who has made many B action movies like Code Red, Ballistica and most recently Sniper: Special Ops with Steven Seagal. This guy is the extreme action hero we have been waiting for. He’s literally chiseled out of stone. As Crenshaw, Logan is spectacular in the action scenes and carves his way through the bad guys with a knife, bow and arrow and his martial arts skills. This guy needs to make more action movies like now. The rest of the cast does a great job with Costas Mandylor being gross and creepy as Cylus the main baddie of the film . Veteran actor Vernon Wells (Commando) has a cameo as one of the cannibals and is very scary. There is also a cameo by a 90’s action star that I won’t give away so you will be surprised when you see him. The only draw back is the character of Riley played by Thomas Ochoa. I’m sorry but he was really annoying throughout the film and when he meets his demise I really didn’t care.

Now comes the action. Like I said once you survive the first half of the movie, the redeeming factor explodes as Crenshaw unleashes his SEAL skills on the cannibals. It’s the best thing I’ve seen since Rambo. He’s dropping out of trees, popping out of the water with a bow and just basically kicks ass through the second half of the film. It’s an action lover’s dream come true and if you like it when the baddies get what’s coming to them in action films then this film is for you. I was screaming in delight all the way through! It’s brutal, bloody and awesome.


All in all, The Horde is a low budget action film that kicks the crap out of a lot of bigger budget films. It’s The Hills Have Eyes meets Rambo and Paul Logan should be the next action hero. I look forward to seeing more of him.

The Verdict: OWN IT NOW!

The Horde is now available to rent or own on VOD and Digital Download!

Check out the trailer in the player below!

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