STARRING: Steven Seagal, Sonia Couling,  Jai Day and Byron Gibson

DIRECTED BY: Ross W. Clarkson and
Philippe Martinez

OFFICIAL SYNOPSIS: Steven Seagal (On Deadly Ground) takes on a global crime syndicate in this powerful action saga. After CIA agent Jake Alexander (Seagal) sees a member of his team killed during a sting operation, he demands revenge against guilty mob boss Orsini. But the CIA won’t sanction the hit, so Jake and his crew quit the agency and form a task force with just one mission: vengeance. Full of explosive action, thrilling stunts, and bone-crunching fights, General Commander never lets up.

THE REVIEW: Now I know that action star Steven Seagal has taken a lot of flack in recent years and some of his recent efforts have been sub par to say the least. A lot of times, Seagal will appear in a film but only in extended cameo roles while other actors handle the weight of the work. I have said in the past that Seagal’s recent films work when he surrounds himself with top action talent like Russell Wong in CONTRACT TO KILL. Victor Webster in A GOOD MAN, Luke Goss in CARTELS and most recently Seagal surrounded himself with an army of ass kickers in ATTRITION. It’s hit or miss with Seagal and his flicks nowadays and I’m here to say that GENERAL COMMANDER, while not a hit, isn’t necessarily a miss either. The film does present its problems but at the same time it still does entertain with some decent action sequences.

With GENERAL COMMANDER, Seagal is once again not always there with the rest of the cast including Byron Gibson, Sonia Couling and Jai Day to carry the slack. Seagal does make his appropriate amount of entrances and exits in this film and does throw down in some brutal sequences. In the film, Seagal plays Jake Alexander who is an elite CIA operative who leads an elite task force that hunts down the world’s most dangerous criminals. Alexander is, like all of Seagal’s characters in the past, a mystery. We know that he has done very bad things for his country in the past and he is ex-special something. When a mission goes terribly awry, a member of Alexander’s team is murdered leading him to demand retribution. When the CIA flatly tells him no way, a billionaire that Alexander knows steps in and finances him and his team as they set up shop in the private sector with one mission an that is to get mob boss Orsini who is responsible. Orsini is played by Edoardo Costa and he does deliver a decent performance as the main villain. What follows is the usual mayhem and carnage with the supporting cast handling their own until Seagal comes in to save the day.

The action in GENERAL COMMANDER is standard and it is the kind of film that will certainly fill a void on a Saturday night when nothing else seems interesting. Interestingly enough, this movie was supposed to be a TV series at one time but it looks like those plans had fallen by the wayside. Seagal does execute some pretty brutal moves and there is enough firepower spent during the film’s running time to satisfy action fans although if you are looking for all out warfare, you might want to loom elsewhere. One highlight of the film in terms of action was seeing Action-Flix favorite Ron Smoorenburg from TRIPLE THREAT throwdown with Seagal although I would have liked to see him stick around a little longer and I would have liked him to actually be a part of Seagal’s team rather then play another bad guy. Smoorenburg is phenominal in his fight scenes and deserves a lot more.

ATTRITION, which was Seagal’s previous film outing before this one, was a far superior film and showcased the action star a lot more and GENERAL COMMANDER is a definite step backwards. The film does feature some entertaining action with Seagal breaking some bones but once again it is the supporting players that deserve most of the credit for making something out of nothing. With the recent stream of epic fight films like TRIPLE THREAT, AVENGEMENT and most certainly JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 3- PARABELLUM, GENERAL COMMANDER simply pales in comparison. It’s not an awful movie, it just isn’t a great one either.



GENERAL COMMANDER is now available on
Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital from
Lionsgate Home Entertainment

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