Action Star Alexander Nevsky is Gearing Up for a SAVAGE ATTACK!

By: John M Jerva

While we wait for more info on his Assault on Rio Bravo, action star, filmmaker and former bodybuilding champ Alexander Nevsky has his sights locked on his next project which sees him returning to action cinema. Nevsky has officially announced that he is finally gearing up to go tactical for the long awaited Savage Attack which he announced a few years back on the site.

Alexander Nevsky on the set of Showdown in Manila

“Production on the action film “Savage Attack” will start in February 2022 and will take place in California. I’ll be starring and producing. The film will be directed by Joe Cornet and will be co-produced by Eric Brenner. Script was written by Craig Hamann, Art Camacho will serve as a stunt coordinator/fight choreographer and Douglas “Fini” Finical will executive produce,” stated Nevsky in the official announcement.

In terms of an official synopsis for the film, Nevsky states that it’s “The Raid” meets “Die Hard”. The story is about a CIA operative who must save his former mentor from an insane asylum under siege by hired killers.

“I’m very happy to return to my favourite genre, after making all kind of movies (from comedies to horrors) and look forward to working again with the team of “Assault on Rio Bravo” (which is now on the final stage of post-production).

“Savage Attack” will be made by Hollywood Storm and ETA Films production companies. Cast will be announced very soon and include many international action stars!”Nevsky stated in the official announcement.

Nevsky is definitely bringing the indie action heat in 2022 with his first ever western Assault on Rio Bravo and now the radical sounding Savage Attack which I’ve been personally waiting for so keep it locked and loaded right here at for more on Nevsky’s upcoming projects as we are your destination for everything action!!!

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