AMERICAN BADGER: Watch the New Trailer for the Bullet Riddled, Stunt Filled Action Bonanza from Stunt Pro Turned Filmmaker Kirk Caouette!

By: John M Jerva

File this one under should have heard about it a long time ago but better late than never I always say. Today we have a brand new trailer for one insane looking balls to the wall fight fest which includes, from the looks of it, generous helpings of fisticuffs and bullet riddled firepower. The movie in question is called American Badger and it hails from stunt pro turned actor and filmmaker Kirk Caouette who is a veteran stunt performer with over 25 years experience in the film industry. Kirk has served as a stunt performer, stunt co-coordinator, fight choreographer as well as a main unit director so you just know that he knows a thing a two about onscreen action.

Caouette’s latest project now has him also serving as director, writer and star for American Badger which tells the story of a “seemingly cold-blooded hitman who is assigned to befriend a call girl, but all hell breaks loose when he is forced to kill her.” What follows judging from the awesome and amped up footage in the trailer is a boat load of violence, balletic action set pieces and Caouette doing his best impression of a one man war machine. Don’t take my word for it though, check out the action drenched latest trailer that dropped a while back. I’m certainly sold on it.

Here’s another fun fact from the production according to the film’s official Facebook page. It appears that Caouette and a team of over a hundred stunt performers of men and women took four months to craft the film’s fight choreography and a whopping three years to shoot and properly edit the flick. Now if you ask me, that’s one hell of a film shoot and the results look teeth shattering.

Caouette stars as the main anti-hero Dean and he is featured along with along with Andrea Stefancikova, Michael Kopsa, Milan Stefancik, and Zak Santiago.

Here’s yet another prime example of a stunt maestro transforming into a filmmaker and once again let me just say that those who cut their teeth in the stunt business definitely know how to mold and execute action on the big screen. Caouttee follows in the footsteps of such other stunt performers turned filmmakers like Jesse V. Johnson, Sam Hargrave and J.J. Perry to just name a few. In the past there have been many examples of action on film done right brought to you by some fine men and women in the stunt field and I look forward to checking this one out when it hits.

American Badger is officially set for a Digital and On Demand launch on June 15th via Cranked Up Films so do yourself a favor and mark this one on your calenders and lookout for my official review to hit when the movie drops! We are your destination for everything action and especially indie action!!!

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