MY ACE DAD: Andy On Takes on a Criminal Empire in the Military Style Actioner!

By: John M Jerva

Throughout the years, Andy On has quietly put together an impressive resume of films and most recently, the action and martial arts star was seen teaming up with Scott Adkins in the over the top sci-fi action film Abduction. While the film wasn’t the greatest, On and Adkins elevated the film with their on screen chemistry and physical prowess.

Now On is back and headlining a new military infused action film called My Ace Dad. The movie which was helmed by Liu Baoxian sees On playing an elite operative who goes up against a ruthless criminal empire who is flooding the world with a vaccine that is not up to par. Unfortunately for the bad guys, On’s daughter is affected by it so On makes it his personal mission to take everyone involved down. Expect mass casualties on this on as On does his best one man army impersonation.

The movie doesn’t have an official release date but new posters and images have now surfaced online courtesy of the great folks over at Asian Film Strike on Twitter. Check out the images below!

A teaser trailer hit a while back and it definitely shows off the action highlights and On looks great in the heroic role. Check out the explosions, fisticuffs and firepower below!

Also starring along with On are Liang Siwen and Ray Lui and hopefully we get another trailer soon along with release info as I’m ready for some new military style action flicks and in a year like this, all new projects are welcome. Keep it locked and loaded right here for more as we are your destination for everything action!

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