By: John M Jerva

She might not be Batwoman anymore but actress Ruby Rose is still laying claim right the action genre with her upcoming Actioner The Doorman from acclaimed Japanese Director Ryuhei Kitamura (Versus ). EW has unleashed some first look images from the film including co-star Jean Reno and you can see them below!

In the movie Rose plays “an officer in the Marines who encountered traumatic events while serving her country and returns home looking for an opportunity to heal. She seeks refuge as a doorman at a labyrinthine, historic New York apartment building — until she encounters mercenaries who are intent upon destroying everything in their way to retrieve precious art hidden in its walls.”

The EW article also has some comments from Rose who was probably excited to talk about something besides her exit from The CW show.

“Ryuhei is incredible with the action scenes and so were our stunt coordinators. I can easily say our action scenes in the film are on another level. We had so much fun shooting them, especially in all the different locations we got to play in. There’s a mixture of martial arts, weapon training, and a lot of physical hand-to-hand combat. It was pretty remarkable that we got to do it all in such a short amount of time. I’m used to shooting films in three or four months but this one was shot in 30 days. It might’ve been like 34 or 35 days but it was still a short shoot. Our director and [cinematographer] Matthias [Schubert] knew exactly what they wanted.”

Rose added: “I came off of Batwoman and went straight into this film and we did about a week of prep and that was it. Some of the stunts were like 17-part moves! I’m very lucky to have done a substantial amount of action work, so I pick up stunts very quickly. I had a short break before shooting the movie and at that point — which is actually crazy to me now — I didn’t actually know how bad my injury was. I didn’t have time to get an M.R.I. before going to Romania so I got one when I landed. It took them about a week to get back to me with the results and then I sent it off to the states to my doctors. About two weeks after, I got this call and my doctor was telling me I needed to fly back immediately because this neck injury was bad and could leave me paralyzed.”

A teaser went live a few months back but has since been taken down so we wait for the official release but the footage looked amazing and Rose looked phenomenal in the action sequences. It’s crazy to think that Rose was injured because she looks in fighting shape and top tier.

There is no release date yet so keep it locked and loaded right here for more!

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