DAY LABOR: It’s Kill or Be Killed in the Upcoming Actioner Starring Amy Johnston & Louis Mandylor!

I have to say that Louis Mandylor might just be the new Frank Grillo as it seems like I’m posting a new movie that the veteran actor is in everyday. On the heels of the post I just put up for Crossfire, Mandylor is also set to star in a new humans hunted for spider actioner titled Day Labor. This time he’s teaming up with martial arts inferno and all around femme fatale Amy Johnston (Accident Man) for some carnage and chaos. Check out the key art and teaser trailer below!

Official Synopsis:

A Latino American veteran who seeks work as a day laborer in order to keep his family afloat. A regular day turns into a deadly game of survival when he is mistakenly dropped off at a private ranch in El Paso, Texas to be hunted for sport.

Helmed by R. Ellis Frazier (As Good As Dead, Repeater) Day Labor also stars Corin Nemec, Roberto Sanchez, Danny Arroyo, fellow Ohioan Gary Cairns and Kevin Gage.

Johnston is always solid and has kicked suitable amounts of ass in films like Lady Bloodfight and Accident Man where she got to take on Scott Adkins in the finale free-for-all. The plot has been done countless times but there’s a reason for it as it is a tried and true action trope that continues to please the masses.

Day Labor is set for a fall release on November 11th so Lock ‘N’ Load for more to come as we are your destination for everything action!


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