WAR PAINT: Scott Adkins Pulls a DOUBLE IMPACT in Director Christian Sesma’s Next Action Offering!

Van Damme pulled it off three times and Jackie Chan got into the action as well, so it’s only fitting that action star Scott Adkins gets to have a little double fun as well and at the expense of the forces of evil to boot.

Adkins is reuniting with his Section 8 helmer Christian Sesma, who helmed one of my favorite action films last year in Every Last One of Them, for a twin inspired actioner titled War Paint which will see Adkins playing a twin who goes on a kill mission of vengeance when his movie star brother is murdered. He will be playing dual roles of Michael and Marcus Price.

Official Synopsis: When a Hollywood action star is murdered (Adkins), his identical twin (Adkins) takes on the likeness of his brother’s most famous character, striking fear into the hearts of his killers by seeming to return from the dead in his quest for revenge.

Also reuniting with Sesma is writer/producer Chad Law who co-penned the script along with Ian Graham. Law wrote Section 8 which was just recently acquired by RLJE Films and AMC+ and also wrote the previous Adkins outings Close Range from 2015 and Jarhead 3: The Siege (2016).

Adkins is the only credited star on the project right now but that will change soon enough.

To add fuel to the promotional fire, Adkins has shared a test video for the project which sees the actor looking completely different then we are used ti seeing him. The short pre viz shows off Adkins shaded by colors and darkness as he brandishes a sword sporting a very distinct hair cut. Check him out below!

Adkins essentially looks like a dark and ominous looking superhero and there is even a Batman style emblem on his chest so that is very fitting as fans have wanted to see the action star play the comic book role for years. This could very well be Adkins foray into the superhero comic book genre so it’s a rousing step in a new direction for the actor. I’m intrigued and can’t wait to see more.

Adkins is a very busy star and rightly so and has recently been seen this year in a scene stealing performance in Netflix’s Day Shift which hit on 8/12. Section 8 is also set to debut on September 23rd which was also directed by Christian Sesma. Accident Man 2 will be unleashed on October 14th so fans will certainly have their fill of Adkins in the next few months. Lights Out which also stars Frank Grillo and Violence of Action which was just recently announced are also in the cards as well. Let’s not forget that Adkins will also be seen in next year’s John Wick: Chapter 4 which every action fan is waiting for. That one was unceremoniously delayed from this year until March 24th of 2023.

Adkins has also been in Egypt as of late shooting a mystery movie that has no info or IMDb page to speak of. He has released some high kicking images though and we know it’s a period piece where he’ll be taking on Nazis. To say that Adkins is one of the hardest working actors in the industry would be a gross understatement.

Keep it locked and loaded right here here and keep on checking our Essential Adkins page for more details to come on Scott and all his future projects as we are your destination for everything action in 2022 and beyond!

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