Rapid Fire Review: TAKE BACK with Gillian & Michael Jai White is Much More than a Punch Fest

By: Braden White

Zara (Gillian White) and Brian (Michael Jai White) are living the perfect small-town life when Zara heroically foils a robbery and becomes headline news. This unwanted notoriety draws elements of Zara’s mysterious past back into her life, putting the lives of her family in danger. When Zara and Brian’s daughter is kidnapped by a sadistic gang of people traffickers led by the vicious Patrick (Mickey Rourke), the pair face a race against time to save her life. With Det. Chalmers (James Russo) also on Patrick’s trail, Zara and Patrick’s paths collide in a final stand-off in the desert.

When it comes to action films, one theme that always strikes well is human trafficking. We’ve seen it in major Blockbusters such as the “Taken” trilogy. We’ve also seen it in low-budget independent genre films such as “Skin Trade”, “Skin Traffik “Falcon Rising” “Merantau” etc. I’ve even written and produced my own short film based on the subject (the upcoming Skin Circuit). The newest entry to this list, “Take Back” starring Gillian White and her husband Michael Jai White, proves to be a serious contender as well.

Gillian white stars as Zara in this action-packed film. Zara is a successful attorney who is married to history teacher and karate Sensei, Brian. After stopping an armed assailant at a coffee shop, Zara gains local recognition and a violent past comes to the forefront when an old Nemesis kidnaps her stepdaughter. After the law dismisses everything as a series of unfortunate events, Zara tells her husband of her days being in a sex trade ring and they decide to take matters into their own hands.

While there are not a lot of fight scenes in this film, I do believe that this is a case of quality over quantity. Gillian White take center stage performing much of the film’s action scenes, taking on everyone from a sword wielding assailant in her home to three attackers in her own office. She more than proves herself worthy as a capable martial artist and action star. Her husband Michael takes a bit of a backseat in this film, only having a couple of scenes to demonstrate his skill.

The film has a stellar supporting cast which includes Mickey Rourke and James Russo. Each actor has their own chance to shine in their own way making this action film much more than just a punch fest, but also delivering several emotional dramatic scenes.

Overall, I give the film a solid 8 out of 10 due to the performance of Gillian White. You can really sense an internal struggle within her character and hiding secrets from her family while also delivering a believable performance as an action actress.

“Take Back” is now available On Denand and on VUDU, Amazon Prime, Google Play and YouTube. Keep it locked and loaded right here on Action-Flix.com com for all of your action and martial arts film updates!

About The Author: Braden White is a martial artist who is a 3rd Degree Black Belt, actor and screenwriter from Oklahoma. He is a self proclaimed action/martial arts film expert and is a part time contributor to Action-Flix.Com

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