Action Rewind: Wesley Snipes Shines in His Breakout Role PASSENGER 57!

By: Jacob Bloodee Jacob Babcock

Passenger 57 was released in 1992 and features the one and only Wesley Snipes in his breakthrough role in the action genre. Snipes is an actor who has always intrigued me but I unfortunately had only previously seen him in the Blade trilogy for the most part, so this is me correcting that.

He stars as “John Cutter”, a decorated soldier, police officer and former secret service agent who is now working as a security advisor. He is dealing with trauma from his wife’s death when he takes a job at a an airline from an energetic Tom Sizemore. Of course it just so happens that terrorists take control of the plane with madman Charles Rane (Bruce Payne) being onboard. So yeah this is basically Diehard on a plane but with some martial arts and honestly a more lively supporting cast especially in Sizemore, Elizabeth Hurley in one of her breakout roles (plus a sexy accent), Alex Datcher, Bruce Greenwood and even someone like Marc Macaulay whose been in countless films like this.

Wesley Snipes truly shines here, giving off the charisma and talent of an experienced actor while being quickly believable as the tough guy he is supposed to be. He did most of his own stunts here (even the motorcycle) and employs his own martial arts skill, showing off some cool moves and counters that are pretty exciting to watch. However some of the fight scenes do come off a little too telegraphed, a little clunky/slow with the movements and reactions of others at times. That’s nitpicking though as the action is evenly spewed throughout with some good chases and shootouts as well.

Payne plays the main baddie to a tee, making him decently memorable. It mostly takes place on the plane but spills into a couple other areas when Cutter leaks the gas to force them to land. I also liked the score especially in the intro. It’s very of the era, but it was mostly catchy and worked.

Overall Snipe’s first action vehicle is a nicely paced joyride that launched him into our action lovers hearts and is just a really really solid movie that stands up there with many other classics from the era.

Imbued with a lifelong diehard passion for film and TV, Jacob loves to share what gives him his lifeblood in the action genre. From childhood heroes like Arnold Schwarzenegger, JCVD, Steven Seagal, Chuck Norris, and Mark Dacascos, to modern day torch bearers like Jason Statham, Gerard Butler, Michael Jai White, Scott Adkins and more, Jacob knows no bounds.

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