EXTRACTION POINT: Indie Action Filmmaker Franklin Correa’s Latest Actioner Begins the Fight on Digital in June

By: John M Jerva

Ninjitsu expert and indie action filmmaker Franklin Correa has been busy at work with his latest sci-fi action pic Extraction Point. Today we have the first look at the brand new key art which signals a launch in June on Digital Platforms. Check out the latest poster and trailer below!

Official Synopsis: After being shot down by the US government, an alien that goes by the name of Nemon (voiced by Farid Jamal Khan) is held captive buy a maniacal scientist Dr.Silva (Joe Bei) to become a guinea pig of experiments. But with the help of his contact Terry (Tara London) who is Dr.Silva’s assistant, she breaks them free before anyting happens and without people to trust she turns to a young kid by the name of Ricky (Anthony Castro) whom she knows from coming to the lab tours every month. Not knowing what to do Ricky turns to his adopted brother Jason (Franklin Correa), an army veteran who does side jobs for his friend Lenny (Alanzo Phillips) a local loan sharking bookie for help on getting Nemon to his extraction point before the government agents led by Agent Monroe and Kelly (Valentin Montero, Bryan C. King) and their comrades catch up to them but also dealing with a Staten Island loan shark and bookie by the name of Gio Verde’ (Taino Escobar) along with his enforcer Lobo (Kendrick Grey) catch up to them trying to move in on Lenny’s territory. So now Jason must do whatever it takes to help Terry get Nemon to the extraction point by any means necessary.

As always, Correa is wearing all the hats on this production as he not only stars in it but he also wrote, served as fight choreographer, directed and produced it as well and is one of the hardest working guys in the industry today as he does it his way and his way alone. Correa is a true testament to perseverance and dedication to his craft. His fight sequences always bring a real sense of realism to the screen and fans know what they are in store for when they see his name on the screen. Correa always brings a real down and gritty feel to his flicks and defines guerrilla filmmaking to the extreme.

Full Cast and Crew:

Jason-Franklin Correa, Nemon-Farid Jamal Khan, Terry– Tara London, Ricky– Anthony Castro, Agent Monroe– Valentin Montero, Agent Kelly– Bryan C. King, Lenny– Alanzo Phillips, Dr.Silva-Joe Bei, Agent Long– Charles Heimlich, Agent Rex– Joel Jordan, Gio Verde– Taino Escobar, Lobo– Kendrick Grey, Stevie– Allen E. Wright

Executive Producers– Franklin Correa, Robert Parham, Bryan C. King, Special Effects-Katanni Bramhan, Fight Choreography-Franklin Correa, Edited by-Marc Fratto, Music-Marc Fratto

The fight begins on June 29th when Extraction Point hits Digital Platforms including VUDU, Tubi, Fandango Now & Hoopla via Maverick Entertainment.

Check out Correa doing his thing in the latest trailer below!

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