Top 10: The 10 Action Movie Parodies That Should Actually Get Made!!!

By: Cam Sully

The only thing we as Action fans like more than Action films themselves are parodies or amusing send-ups of the various outrageous tropes we witness in said genre. However, on occasion there are amusing sketches that could easily work as a 70-minute action-comedy so without further ado, let’s get this show on the road.

10. GANDHI II: Courtesy of Weird Al’s UHF, this was a no-brainer to add here. Seriously watch this here and tell me how this ISN’T better than a follow-up to Gone With the Wind or Scott Pilgrim!

9. DEMOLITION MAN 2 (?): Alright, I’m cheating as this is just a beloved yet silly blockbuster with various pop culture references. But imagine if they paid tribute to the throwaway line where they mention that Arnold Schwarzenegger actually was a U.S. President in the future. Now, imagine them doing a whole movie over that 1-second gag! It could easily be much more intriguing than the cancelled-before-it-aired Governator show or Arnie’s silly take on The Apprentice.

8. COCKPUNCHER: From Onion Movie, this segment featured Steven Seagal doing exactly what was often noted as inflicting on both on-screen and off. He might not want to poke fun at himself these days but they could always do another Onion type parody or hire an impersonator like Will Sasso (who portrayed Seagal in many MAD TV skits decades ago) to do an MacGruber/Black Dynamite/Kung Fury send-up of this outrageous persona.

7. SCHINDLER’S LIST 2: A whacky skit on Adult Swim’s Robot Chicken show, I can’t help but want to see what a post-Liam Neeson would do with an over-the-top retirn to the role that got him on the map. Hell, since Neeson was parodied in 2016’s Keanu as a version of comedians Key and Peele’s Substitute teacher skit, they could easily sneak in some random bullshit like this as playing on a TV screen in the background in the comic duo’s next Comedy genre entry.

6-3. LAST ACTION HERO: Stallone’s T2 parody, the Jack Slater “movie” character and Arnie’s version of Hamlet would all be lovely genre additions for real. Stallone would just be whacky as the heroic cyborg as he never does emotionless that well; the Slater character would be like seeing Eagleheart meets Walker Texas Ranger meets T.J. Hooker- all on steroids(!); and Arnold as Hamlet would probably get him Braveheart-level recognition (you just never know in this crazy industry).

2. THE PLAYER: A well-delivered subject on the Hollywood industry, this film also features various actors cameoing as themselves, one of which has Bruce Willis saving his on-screen wife from being executed and breaking her out of the prison typical post-Die Hard style. It’s a great moment near the end of this comedy as this making fun of how the film industry takes and ruins true life stories while making implausible popcorn-level escapism out of them. Either way, this would be leagues better than the other Willis films we’ve gotten lately amd given how popular films like the Escape Plan series were, it would be an intriguing formula to revisit.

1. TROPIC THUNDER: There opening movie segment has been noted by various forums as epic in its own right, parody or not, it’s flippin’ epic. Wether it became a pitch-perfect Rambo 2 parody or a Samurai Cop-level misfire, everyone would see this opening day. Not even the Coronavirus is going to stop anyone wanting an easy 90-minute punchline!

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