Rapid Fire Review: Steven Seagal Obliterates Fools In A DANGEROUS MAN!

By: Jacob Bloodee Jacob Babcock

Pressed for time?! Check out Jacob Bloodee Jacob Babcock’s review of Steven Seagal’s 2009 action film A Dangerous Man. It’s everything you need to know in half the time!

Released in 2009, this is the second collaboration between genre legend Steven Seagal and director Keoni Waxman. The first being The Keeper which I’m sure I’ll post about down the road on a rewatch. While you can say that he still hasn’t had a film that’s reached the bone crunching heights of his 80’s/90’s golden era, I fully stand by saying that there are actually many films in the 2000s but more so 2009 into the 2010s that are unrecognized for the consistently solid action flicks they are. A good portion of those are Seagal/Waxman films.

A Dangerous Man follows “Shane Daniels” a former military man recently released from prison for a crime he didn’t commit. His wife left him over the years he was incarcerated so we get to see a LITTLE of a character driven start for a Seagal story though again it boils down to seeing flashbacks of a girl much younger stripping in front of him! Anyway he ends up intervening, saving a Russian crime bosses’ son played by Jesse Hutch (Freddy vs. Jason), finding a kidnapped girl (Marlaina Mah) going on the run while thwarting a Chinese criminal syndicate.

While I do see this as somewhat of a gem, it’s not without its flaws. The editing during fight scenes still tend to be fairly choppy though there are shots you can pick out where Seagal clearly did some of his own work but it’s nonetheless still edited fast. Plus the very talented Byron Mann (Arrow, Street Fighter) is our lead baddie whose been in a number of other Seagal projects like Belly of the Beast, his True Justice TV show and Absolution which would be great but although they build up his character somewhat well with his conflict with Terry Chen in particular (whose been in all sorts of TV and films), Byron Mann is somehow pretty wasted in this movie. Presented as a viable threat but in the showdown does not even land a hit and is utterly obliterated by the Sensei! So despite some clear short comings I still find this one to be entertaining with some satisfying beat downs (especially a classic scenario at a liquor store near the early portion of the movie) & just a fairly fun premise with the on the run aspect especially. Give this one a fair shot if you haven’t seen it!

About The Author: Imbued with a lifelong diehard passion for film and TV, Jacob loves to share what gives him his lifeblood in the action genre. From childhood hero Arnold Schwarzenegger to JCVD and Steven Seagal, Mark Dacascos and modern day torch bearers like Jason Statham, Michael Jai White and Scott Adkins to dramatic martial arts stars like Michelle Yeoh and more, Jacob knows no bounds.

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