Scott Adkins Leaps into Battle in a New Image from His Upcoming One Take Action-Thriller ONE SHOT!

By; John M Jerva

Here’s a project that I’m really excited to see one day and it hails from one of the most dynamic action stars working in the business today. His name is Scott Adkins, although he needs no introduction and the film is the upcoming one take action/thriller One Shot. The movie reunites Adkins with his Eliminators director James Nunn and this time he’s an elite Naval operator who is on a do or die mission where failure is most definitely not an option.

Currently in production as we speak, Adkins has shared an official image from the set which has him literally leaping into action. Take a look at Adkins doing what he does best below!

In the post, which Adkins shared on social media, the action phenom stated, “It’s an all out action extravaganza in my new movie ONE SHOT directed by James Nunn- in post production now.”

Adkins also described the movie and said that it’s a cross between Zero Dark Thirty, Rambo and Birdman which is an unusual choice but I’m intrigued to say the least. The film is said to take place all in one take so being that the oner is one of my favorite types of action sequences, this one is high on my list. Then again, any movie which has Adkins’ involvement is high on the list.

“Been working very hard on this for the last few weeks, ONE SHOT directed by James Nunn. It’s Zero Dark Thirty meets Rambo and Birdman. We’ve been trying to get this movie off the ground for the last 6 years and it’s really feeling like it was worth it. Movie takes place in one continues single shot, very, very excited for you all to see it,” Adkins also stated.

The film also stars Ryan Phillippe who has been flexing his action muscles as of late in the hit TV series Shooter as well as the thriller The 2nd. Ashley Greene from the Twilight franchise also stars. Take a peek at the sales teaser poster below!

Along with this film, Adkins also has Castle Falls coming soon which is already in the can. That movie reunites him with fellow action legend Dolph Lundgren who also directed.

Keep it locked and loaded right here for more on One Shot and future Scott Adkins projects as we are your destination for everything action!

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