By: Braden White

My new up-and-coming actioner Crossfire has been in the preproduction stage since May. I’d be lying if I said that it hasn’t been the least bit stressful. Over the last month or so, we’ve had a number of updates to fill everyone in on.


Originally slated to be directed by Taron Spencer, The film has found a new director in one of my closest friends, Zach Hall. You guys may have seen him as “Rorschach” in my skit Iron Fist vs. Rorschach. He will also be playing the role of “Cisco” in my upcoming action short Skin Circuit which was filmed earlier this year. Zach will be making his directorial debut with Crossfire.


Out of all the characters in the film, “Dallas” was one that I had been looking forward to seeing come to life, and after I saw how craftily William Row had put him together, I was excited to have my exchanges with him. Unfortunately, however, due to scheduling conflicts, William Row had to leave the cast. The silver lining comes in the form of Caleb Hughes who eagerly filled the shoes of “Dallas” less than 24 hours later. Caleb will be making his feature film debut with us.


When Crossfire officially went into pre production, we had dates set for late October into November. At the table read, we pushed dates to September to accommodate for people’s schedules. After the recasting and finding a new director we again pushed to October into November. After our latest rehearsal, we all agreed to push filming to early 2021, presumably January, in order to make sure we can deliver the best possible project for all of the fans.

Crossfire will be one of the best no-budget independent action films the world has seen so keep it locked and located right here for all things Crossfire and all other action cinema!!!!

About The Author: Braden White is a martial artist who is a 3rd Degree Black Belt, actor and screenwriter from Oklahoma. He is a self proclaimed action/martial arts film expert and is a part time contributor to Action-Flix.Com

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