TV Review: THE BEAST Starring the Late, Great Patrick Swayze Stands the Test of Time!

By: Cam Sully

Plot: Veteran FBI agent Charles Barker (Patrick Swayze, Road House) is assigned a new partner, Ellis Dove (Travis Fimmel, Restraint), unaware that he was recruited as a double agent to investigate his activities.

Review: The look and feel of this A&E Network show resembled the earlier Sony Pictures TV hit The Shield but I also got easy parallels to other films/shows like Training Day, Serpico, 24 and even 48 Hrs (from both other critics’ reviews and my own observations). It’s all very appropriately moodily shot, well-scored and is able to make it seem familiar but not formulaic when the execution is all said and done. And like any good show, it has new cases be part of one bigger puzzle instead of a stand-alone case each episode. This show is always available to stream on Crackle and it, as of today, appears to have stood the test if time instead of being a cringe-inducing object of the past.

Consensus: A short-lived and fantastically complex role for the late beloved Patrick Swayze while providing The Shield type thrills for its main escapism.
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5 Stars

About the author: He’s experimented with film, runs a wacky podcast and will tackle any under appreciated flick/show that he can non-stop.

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