By: Braden White

As I’m sure many of you know based on a couple articles on this website and my various social media pages, I’ve been working on pre-production for a new action film entitled “Crossfire”. One of my favorite parts of this process is the stunt rehearsals.

As an accomplished martial artist, I’ve always enjoyed using my skillset to come up with various combinations and sequences. With as action-packed as this film is promising to be, I needed some help with some of the sequences, so I recruited two well-respected martial arts instructors from my area to help.

First was Mr. Steven Ree, a natural fit considering his wife and daughter are also starring in the film alongside me. Next is Mr. Howard “T-bone” Nelson who I met while teaching a class at Ryzak’s School of American Karate. We have a number of fights already in the can and a few more to go. Filming for the film is slated to start on August 29th and will continue through the month of September.

Keep your eyes locked and loaded right here for any further updates on Crossfire and all things action movie related.

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