CROSSFIRE: The IndieGoGo Campaign is Now Live for Braden White’s New Indie Actioner

By: John M Jerva

Martial artist, indie filmmaker and part time contributor to Action-Flix Braden White is busy and hard at work once again as his newest indie action project Crossfire has now gone live with a new IndieGoGo project. Take a peek at the campaign now and find out more!

They took their father. Now, his kids are praying to get even

Introducing “Crossfire”: a new kind of independent action film.

Poster artwork by Robb Antequera

Bother and sister duo, Jessica and Parker Newman, are trained hitmen raised by their tough-as-nails aunt. After a botched assignment, details surface that lead to clues regarding the disappearance of their father, a hitman who disappeared 15 years prior. They follow these clues which lead to non-stop action around every corner

Write stars and wrote the script which will feature local area talent including Ginifer Ree, Dale Neihaus, Ashlynn Ree and William Row.

The campaign just went live and they are looking for you to get involved and help read the goal. If you pledge, then you get some cool perks as always including a signed script, T-Shirt and even a walk on role.

White also has the proof of concept short Skin Circuit which he was able to film before the virus hit so we will keep you apprised of that project as well.

Help support indie action cinema and this film that “will keep you guessing as well as keep you entertained with loads of fight scenes, shoot-outs and stunts!”

Check out the pitch video and more info on the official IndieGoGo site by clicking the link below!

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