SKIN CIRCUIT: A Retrospective On the Upcoming Action Short Film

By: Braden D. White

Three years. That’s how long it’s been since I first approached this idea about writing this film. After tons of ups and downs( and multiple changes in the game plan) I’m proud to say that Principle photography of the short film/Proof-of-concept version of “Skin Circuit” is complete. This was my first time wearing multiple hats for a project as I was the writer, lead actor,
producer, and also acted as casting director. Come with me now as I take you through the journey of the making of “Skin Circuit”.

Private Investigator Jason Wilder has to use all of his investigative and martial arts skills to beat the clock and save his best friend’s sister after she is kidnapped and is about to be sold into the world of human trafficking.


I had never really casted a project before, so this was uncharted territory for me. When I first posted the notice, we only had two actors attached: Myself as Jason Wilder and My best friend, Zach Hall as Cisco. I learned very quickly that it is extremely hard to find actors who will work for
basically nothing. After about a week of search and a few people dropping out and doing some recasting, I was able to get an amazing principle cast:

Will Sturgeon as Mr. Morrison

Ginifer Ree as Denise

Ashlynn Ree as Kelsey

Leo Gann as Detective Shephard

Ezra Johnson as Striker


Most of the shoot took place over a three day span from March 5th- 7th (Before this coronavirus became the problem that it is.) We were able to get some great locations, such as a cemetery, a baseball field, and even a hotel room and the hotel’s conference room. We were even blessed by Mr. Steve Ryzak, Jr. (my current training partner/instructor) by letting us film at his home gym in his garage. The following week, we were able to secure an old run down community center that was an excellent double for an empty warehouse for our climactic final showdown


All in all, “Skin Circuit” was nothing short of a passion project for me. My hope is to eventually make a feature length version of this project and hopefully make my mark on independent action cinema. The short film will be available on youtube upon its completion. I’m even toying
with the idea of making it available on Amazon Prime. Keep it locked and loaded right here on for further updates on Skin Circuit and all other things action!!!!!!

More Behind the Scenes Pics

About The Author: Braden White is a martial artist who is a 3rd Degree Black Belt, actor and screenwriter from Oklahoma. He is a self proclaimed action/martial arts film expert and is a part time contributor to Action-Flix.Com

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