By: John M Jerva

Indie filmmaker and Ninjutsu expert Franklin Correa is hard at work with his newest action creation titled Extraction Point and while we wait for more news from that film, we are happy to announce that Correa’s other recent action effort Manhunt is now available to own on DVD!

I’m a little biased I must admit to this release as it is the very first time, and I mean very first time, that I have officially been quoted on the cover of a DVD! That’s right folks, yours truly has been imortalized on the DVD artwork to Manhunt and you can see the wonderful proof below! What’s also cool is my name is actually on the cover as well. Usually they only share the website name so this is truly an honor.

“Manhunt is a stripped down slice of bone crunching action!”

OFFICIAL SYNOPSIS: A martial artist survivalist Franklin Correa must play a game of cat-and-mouse with a maniacal sadistic man by the name of Santos Jorge Valentin and survive against five killers in order to save his life as well as his girlfriends.

I recently was able to watch the film ahead of its Blu-Ray release and it is a rather entertaining low budget indie action flick. Correa is a master craftsman at making something out of nothing and here he gives audiences a solid and stripped down action flick that features a few exciting action fight scenes. Correa is one of the hardest working guerilla filmmakers out there and he knows how to get the most out of limited resources.

Special features include a director’s commentary from Correa and a mini soundtrack is also part of it as well.

Manhunt is now available to order on and you can also view it on Digital Platforms like Xumio, Amazon Prime and YouTube! Check it out and helpo support indepoendent action cinema!

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