SKIN CIRCUIT: Action Newcomer Braden White Won’t Fail in the Upcoming Action-Thriller Set to Hit in 2020!

By: John M Jerva

Martial Artist, filmmaker and Action-Flix contributor Braden White is hard at work as he sets out to become the newest champion of DTV action with his newest offering Skin Circuit where he will take on the ultimate evil to rescue those in need. Which means he’s going to beat the ever living crap out of some people who really deserve it. Check out the teaser poster and synopsis below courtesy of the one and only The Cinema Drunkie!

Private Investigator Jason Wilder has to use all of his investigative and martial arts skills to beat the clock and save his best friend’s sister after she is kidnapped and is about to be sold into the world of human trafficking.

Braden will star along with Zach Hall as Cisco, Levi Nichols as Mike with Cyndell Addison-Porsche sitting in the director’s chair for this one.

Expect brutal and bone crunching fisticuffs aplenty as White will take on an army to save the innocent being preyed on by the ruthless and unforgiving. White is looking to bring some old school 80’s and 90’s VHS action back into the limelight once again for a new generation of fans as well as those who soaked up all things action back in the day.

Keep it locked and loaded right here for more Skin Circuit 411 to follow but in the meantime, check out White in action from his high octane action short The Drive which just premiered!

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