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I love action movies. I mean, that should be obvious to you, since I write primarily for action movie websites, but I just wanted to reiterate that. I especially love Martial Arts Action movies. And a big proponent of that is the stars who inhabit them. Guys like Jean-Claude Van Damme, Bruce Lee, Dolph Lundgren, Chuck Norris, Jackie Chan, Gary Daniels, Michael Jai White and the inhuman force of nature that is Scott Adkins, as well as many others, have taken martial arts action to the very forefront of the action genre, and brought so much excitement and joy to fans around the world, including myself.

But, as the saying goes, “Nothing lasts forever.” Unfortunately, as we don’t like to think about it, they will inevitably get up there in age, and won’t be able to do all the badass and exciting moves anymore. So, when that does happen, who will take their place? Where are the new breed of action guys to take the reins and keep the genre going for the next generation? Well, there is one man who is more than willing to lead the charge, and his name is Braden D. White. 

Born on August 8 1995, Braden has been a lifelong fan of all things martial arts and action, as evidenced by his writings on this very site. Now looking to make his mark in the action genre, he recently released his first action short on his very prolific YouTube channel (Which you can subscribe to right here). Being heavily impressed by “The Drive”, as well as his other content on his Channel, I reached out to him recently to garner more of an insight into what he’s all about, and he was more than gracious with his time:

CD: Ok, let’s start at the beginning: When did you first discover the martial arts? 

White: I had been aware of martial arts my whole life because my brother who is two years older than me got me into Power Rangers and that kicked it all off. I didn’t start studying martial arts until i was 9 or 10 years old.

CD: Cool cool. Ok, here’s a serious question: who’s your favorite Ranger? 

White: The OG Red Jason Lee Scott AKA Austin St John!!!!


White: fo shizzle lol.

CD: Lol, would you say he’s the best ranger, or just your personal favorite?

White: Everyone has different opinions as to who the best is based on several different factors so I say he’s just my personal fave.

CD: Gotcha. I would’ve accepted hell yeah he’s the best, but that’s a good answer too hahaha. Ok, so back to you. What was your style of choice when you first started studying the martial arts?

White: My first instructor had a blend of 5 different styles that he taught. Shotokan Karate, Judo, Japanese JuJitsu, Aikido, and Weapons. He called it Te-Ashi Ryu. Loosely translated as “The Hand and Foot system of Martial Arts”. I usually simply say that I have a base in Shotokan karate since we used all Shotokan katas.

CD: Nice nice! That’s awesome! And that’s what you practice at the moment?

White: It’s still my base. However, I’ve now dabbled in about 12 different arts (Not ranked in any except my own) so I consider myself a freestylist. But yes I consider Te-Ashi Ryu to be my foundation.

CD: Ok, cool. What level degree have you achieved in that particular art?

White: I’m currently a second degree black belt.

CD: Sweet!

White: Thank you.

CD: No problem. Ok, let’s move things to your YouTube channel. You’re really prolific on there, with almost 170 videos currently. Karate Vlogs, Reaction Videos, Short films, etc… How long have you been making videos and when did you realize you had a knack for them?

White: Actually when I started I was awful lol. I had no camera and no idea how to edit. I went out and recorded several of my first videos on my webcam on my laptop and the audio was trash and the video quality was extremely grainy. I would shoot them, do no editing whatsoever, and upload them raw and I expected to blow up over night. I had been doing youtube for a good 10 months before i did my first reaction. (A lot of which I’ve removed because they either had copyright claims or were not martial arts related) My friend Christine actually inspired me to start youtube cause she used to do several martial arts tutorials as well but has to stop for health reasons. She’s still active on her channel mainly as an advocate for mental health.

My editing skills have just been trial and error using several different editing softwares and finding ones that I really like.

CD: I gotcha. But I’ve noticed your latest videos have definitely upped the quality factor to them. As you get better and more proficient at producing content, what is your ultimate goal for your channel?

White: Ultimately, I would like my channel to be a one-stop-shop for anything martial arts related, tutorials, reactions, Action shorts like “The Drive” (Which is currently my highest viewed original content) and karate vlogs like tournaments and such.

CD: Great! That’s awesome! I’m glad you brought up “The Drive”, because I was about to bring that one up myself. What was the genesis of that short?

White: Basically i just wanted to do something new on my youtube channel. I got the idea to do action shorts by watching similar shorts form a fellow martial arts youtuber Gabriella Corvina. I had originally planned to do it in LA last summer but due to various reasons I had to cancel my trip so the short was put on hold. I brought it up after working on a film. I asked the director if he could help me shoot some stuff for my youtube channel and he agreed so i got a hold of the homie Levi and the rest is history. 

P.S. Go subscribe and show the homegirl Gabby some love!!!

CD: Oh, I know her! She did that badass vid “Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover”. That was amazing. As was your short. I especially liked how well done the choreography was. How long did it ultimately take to choreograph and shoot?

White: Yes! I have seen that. I’m actually planning a similar one! As for “The Drive” I choreographed in about an hour and we practiced it for about a week before shooting and we filmed it in an alley behind a building where I taught martial arts classes about 3 years ago.

CD: Cool cool. Another thing I liked about your short was your acting in it. You had such a natural charisma, as you do in all your vids. You also detail your life as a burgeoning actor in your series Callback Cartel on your channel. Was acting something you’ve always been passionate about?

White: I can vividly remember being at my dads house at age 7 or 8 (My parents divorced when I was 2) and watching a karate movie with a bunch of kids beating adults. I remember watching that and saying that I wanted to do that for the rest of my life. I’ve pursued other interests such as singing and dancing but just never felt the passion for them that I do for martial arts and acting. Callback Cartel is actually the name of the acting class that I take through my acting agency. Martial arts is something I’ve always been passionate about but I’ve only started taking the acting side more seriously for about 2 years. Always wanted to do action and martial arts movies, but never thought the acting was necessary until about 2 years ago lol.

CD: Ohhh ok. That’s what’s up. I like that. So what are your ultimate aspirations as an actor? Are you looking to be the next great action star, Oscar winning actor, or both?

White: My goal as an actor is pretty simple. I want to be honest to the movies that inspired me. I want to be the next american Direct-to-video action go-to guy. I want people to mention my name in the same sentence as Chuck Norris, Scott Adkins, Jean-Claude Van Damme or Michael Jai White. I look up to everyone that I’ve just named, but I want to do what they do in my own way.

And I would like to maintain a solid DTV career if anything for the privacy. I want to be famous enough that my fans will flip if they see me but normal paparazzi won’t give a damn lol.

CD: Oh, that’s wonderful. You don’t know how beautiful that is for me to hear. As someone who grew up idolizing Van Damme, Dolph Lundgren & Bruce Lee, and loving the new stars in Scott Adkins & Michael Jai White, it fills me with pure joy to hear someone make that their true goal. And judging from your work so far, I’d say your off to a great start.

White: I appreciate that.

CD: No problem! Well, that concludes my questions for the evening. Thank you so much for taking the time out to answer them. A hearty salute to you from the #1 Karate Homie!

White: No worries!!!!!

Check Out Braden’s New Action Short The Drive Below!

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About The Aurthor: With his mind utterly intoxicated off of a steady stream of movies, comics and cartoons, a young boy from Brooklyn, New York grew up to become the man known as… THE CINEMA DRUNKIE!!!

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