By: John M Jerva

Braden White is a man of many talents. The newest contributor to is a martial artist with years of experience and he is also an aspiring filmmaker who has served up one bone crunching display of empty handed comabat action in his newest short film simply title THE DRIVE. The short but fisticuffs filled video just dropped online last week ans we have it for you below so chck it out!

In terms of a plot, it’s rather simplistic but that is expected as this short film is all about the fighting as White squares off against his opponent over a valuable computer drive that contains some obvious sensitive material. You never get to know what was on the drive but who cares as we are treated with a great fight scene that even includes the super slo-mo finishing move. The short also stars Levi Nichols as White’s opponent with music by Ken McLoed. Directing duties were handeled by Marcus Pruitt.

The short film runs just over two minutes but most of it is the great beatdown between White and Nichols and the only drawback being that you want it to last longer so you get more to the story and more action at the same time.

Check out White’s YouTube Channel as well as his social sites below and check out and support the video!

Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: https://… Snapchat: bdwhite95

Braden has also reviewed The Debt Collector and Accident Man for the site so check it out in the meantime. Watch the action short THE DRIVE below!

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