By: Braden White

2018 was a solid year for Scott Adkins. Beginning the year with “Accident Man” and then “The Debt Collector” during the summer. This Action/Comedy shows Adkins in a new light, showcasing him as more of an actor, while still dishing out the bruises.

The story follows struggling martial arts instructor, French (Adkins) who is struggling to keep his dojo (karate school) afloat; an issue I’m all too familiar with. In order to earn some extra cash, he asks one of his students to hook him up with his loan shark boss in hopes for a job. The loan shark agrees to hire him and sets him up as a debt collector. His first weekend on the job, he is paired with a drunken Sue (Portrayed by Louis Mandylor) who acts like a trainer of sorts in the ways of the business, being a long-time veteran himself. The film follows the pair on all of their misadventures all weekend leading up to an ending that leaves more questions than answers.

Back in the director’s chair is action extraordinaire Jesse V. Johnson, who also helmed three other films also starring Adkins: Triple Threat, Accident Man, and Savage Dog. The two have crafted some good features as of recently, and they show no signs of slowing down. Handling the fisticuffs is Jesse’s go-to man for fight choreography, Luke LaFontine, who has worked with Jesse for over 15 years. He does a good job of making the fights more realistic and “streety” than we are used to seeing from Adkins. The Supporting cast includes Vladmir Kulich as Tommy the Loan Shark, Tony Todd as Barbosa, Tommy’s rival, and Rachel Brann as Barbosa’s wife, Amanda.

Overall, this movie is a fun watch. Though if your expecting some high flying “Boyka-esque” moves, you will be sorely disappointed. I give this one a solid 7/10 mainly because of the chemistry between Adkins and Mandylor. A couple good highlights are the end shoot-out, and the beginning fight scene in Scott’s dojo where he takes on 3 opponents.

The Debt Collector is available on Blu-Ray and DVD and also available for streaming on Netflix

About The Author: Braden White is a martial artist who is a 3rd Degree Black Belt, actor and screenwriter from Oklahoma. He is a self proclaimed action/martial arts film expert and is a part time contributor to Action-Flix.Com


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