TRIBAL- GET OUT ALIVE: The Production Shares a BTS Video from the Set of the New Brutal Action-Thriller!

Actress, martial arts expert, stunt professional and all around bad ass Zara Phythian is hard at work filming her newest action-thriller titled TRIBAL- GET OUT ALIVE and recently shot us word from the set just a few weeks ago that production is cranking along.

Now Phythian and the the production has shared with Action-Flix, a brand new behind the scenes video from the set of TRIBAL and a new pic of her and some of the cast which you can see below!

Taking the concept of The Most Dangerous Game plotline and turning it into a brutal, fisticuffs filled action film, PHYTHIAN is ensuring fans that this filom will be locked and loaded with insane action and fight sequences.

The film also stars Ross O’Hennessy who has mixed it up on screen with Scott Adkins in both ACCIDENT MAN and AVENGEMENT. Hennessy’s other notable credits inlude KNIGHTS OF THE DAMNED as well along with appearing in HBO’s GAME OF THRONES and the short lived FX series THE BASTARD EXECUTIONER.

TRIBAL hails from stunt performer and short film director Matt Routledge who is making his directorial debut with this one. Like his film’s co/star, Rutledge has also taken his lumps at the hands of Mr. Adkins in ACCIDENT MAN and AVEGEMENT. Also Starring in the film are Rachel Warren and Thomas Dodd.

All cast members left to right… Grayson Matthews, Chris Jones, Thomas Dodd, Zara Phythian, Ross O’Hennessy and Mark Sears. At the recent Southwest Martial Arts and Well Being Show promoting Tribal and meeting action fans


Elite military personnel Caitlin Ross retires from service after suffering from PTSD. Along with former team member and close friend Brad Johnson, they opted for the ‘easy life’ and now lead a small security firm. The company are hired by young, troublesome millionaire Richard Kenning to clear and secure the land and property he has recently inherited. Rumours and stories surrounding the land and buildings are dismissed until people start disappearing and the team end up locked in with no escape. It soon becomes apparent they are being hunted and the race is on to get out alive.

This film is definitely on my radar and a big thanks goes out to Zara for sharing all the awesome BTS stuff. Keep it locked and loaded right here for more to come as we are your destination for everything action!!!

Check out the brand new BTS video below!

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